Jerrel Jernigan Draft Diary 4/5/11

Last week was my last bit of down time to prepare for the final weeks and days before the draft on April 28.

The week ahead is going to be busy and the fun begins tomorrow morning.  I'm flying out of Montgomery heading to Minnesota to visit with the Vikings.

After I leave Minnesota on Wednesday, I'll go straight from there to San Diego to meet with the Chargers.

On Thursday, I'll fly back to Montgomery and be home for the weekend.  I won't have much time to unpack because I'm flying to Cleveland on Sunday for a visit with the Browns.

Next Tuesday, I'll leave Cleveland and head back to Atlanta for another meeting with the Falcons.

From there I'll be back home for a few days.  During that time the Colts are coming down to Troy when they hold their Pro Day for their juniors and I'll meet with them then.

After that on the 1818th, I fly up to New York for a meeting with the Giants.

With all of these visits, I'm looking forward to touring all of the facilities and meeting with the coaches and other personnel.

These visits kind of remind me of when I was getting recruited out of high school.  The main difference is back then, I had control over what school I would choose.

It is kind of weird in a sense that all of these teams like me enough for me to come and visit them, but in the end, I have to wait for one of them to choose me.

With my schedule getting so hectic, I have to make sure I get enough rest whenever I can and squeeze in some workouts too so I can stay in shape.

Both of those things are easier said than done.

The jetlag can be tough at times, but I look at it like it is a preview to what I'll be going through as a professional football player.

It is surreal that April is finally here and I'm so close to fulfilling a childhood dream.