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Cash for Kindness: A Mother's Love

There is nothing more precious than a mother's love.  They do so much for us that when we get a chance to do something for them, it's done without hesitation.

 A Montgomery woman e-mailed us about her mother and some of the struggles she's faced over the years.  It's a story we wanted to share in cash for kindness.

"It was me, my brother and my sisters.  We were always close."

A close family, that's seen its ups and down. Tamekia Tolliver said after her parents divorced 10 years ago she watched as her mother experienced some tough times. Still, she continued to reached out to others.

 "She's been so giving in the past, not only to her kids but to our friends and family members, people kicked out of their homes trying to get back on their feet"

But thanks to a lot prayer,  her mother is slowly getting back on her feet.  Last summer she bought her first home.  It's still a struggle says Tamekia, but she says, her mother isn't giving up. So she wanted to honor her courage and relentless efforts with a little cash for kindness.

We surprised Patricia Bennett at her home and once inside we told her about her daughter's nomination and talked to her about her kind deeds.

" By me having my teenagers growing up and me being a teenager, I just have a soft spot for young people.  I try to help anyway I can.  It may not be financial wise but I can help them in some kind of way."

Today, we're giving back to Patricia Bennett.  She's a woman who's giving and kind nature is an example to her children and one she hopes they will pass on.







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