Chilly night ahead

Tuesday - April 5, 2011

Can you believe how cool it is outside?  That big storm system last night about this time cleared the way for much colder temperatures.  Depending on where you're located, you could see temperatures in the upper 30's tonight.  But don't fret.  We're supposed to warm right back up tomorrow under sunny skies.

Breaking news tonight from Tallassee.  Non-violent inmates in the city jail have been released because of health concerns.  We'll explain the reasons behind the decision in our lead story in less than 30 minutes! (from the time this is delivered to your email box)

Think your power bill is high?  Wait until you hear from some customers in one of the state's poorest counties.  They say their rates are through the roof.  We'll hear from those irate customers and get their electric cooperative's response - right after the Tallassee jail inmate story.

And is your private information part of the latest info-heist?  We'll find out why some really big names in retail are sending out emails alerting their customers to this new invasion of privacy!

All this and lots of other stories...coming up at 10.   Hope you'll join Val, the two Jeff's and me!

Stay warm...

Bob H.