ASU Football back on practice field

MONTGOMERY, AL—The Alabama State University football team was back on the practice field today for session nine of the spring practice sessions.  Today was the team's first day back since the scrimmage game that took place Saturday.

The coaching staff has spent the past three days looking over the 58-play scrimmage and breaking down the film to see some of the performances of both individuals and as an offensive team and a defensive team.

"We were able to take a hard look at the scrimmage on film and we saw a lot of things we knew we would see," head coach Reggie Barlow said.  "It seemed our offense was trying too hard to do things the right way and with it being the first scrimmage they were just working their way into making too many mistakes."

"The offense was actually doing a good job of getting the signals, but between the time they received the signals and actually snapping the ball, there were way too many mistakes being made, and most of them were very simple things that mistakes should not have been made on."

It was a scrimmage the defense controlled with a total of 18 plays that resulted in lost yardage for the offense along with a safety and a fumble recovery among the 58 plays.  The defense has 10 starters returning off a team that finished as the second-best defense in the Southwestern Athletic Conference in 2010, and should be one of the top defenses again in 2011.

"Our defense is very good and they showed it during the scrimmage," Barlow added.  "It is natural to look at how good the defense is when the offense struggles and it was easy to tell how good they are when half of the offensive mistakes made during the scrimmage was caused by the defense being in the right place at the right time. Our defense has spent a lot of time playing on the field together and has that comfort of playing a lot of football together."

The Hornets will be back on the field on Thursday at 11 a.m. for session 10.  That session will lead into ASU's second scrimmage on Saturday that is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.