Editorial: Pay Raises

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When the entire state of Alabama is being asked to do the same or more with less – wouldn't you think all state legislators would be willing to share in the sacrifice?  You would think.

This month most state lawmakers will receive a 1.5% percent cost of living increase.  On average this works out to $792 dollars annually in wages.  Some might say – this is not enough of a bump in pay to warrant discussion.  That is unless you were one of the state workers being laid off or one that will be told to take an unwanted unpaid furlough.

To be fair, the wage increases were voted on and approved and the lawmaker's have every right to them.  The problem is timing.  It's hard to fathom with teachers and state workers taking hit after financial hit and fast approaching and escalating budget issues in 2012 and 2013 that we are even dealing with this.  But we are.

There are times when you do the right thing and it's the wrong thing.  Accepting a raise in principle is not a bad thing.  How about this – why NOT accept the 1.5% increase in pay and get a raise in something else – constituent support and praise.

I'm Collin Gaston –those are my thoughts –I'd like to hear yours.

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