Ironic ending to a crime...

Wednesday - April 6, 2011

Talk about an unusual ending to a big story!  I've been in this business for a long time...and never had one like this.

We rolled out two news teams when we heard about three people being shot in a parking lot at Southern Union State Community College in Opelika late this afternoon.  After telling the story to our audience at 5 and 6 our crew was on standby...waiting for police to tell us more about the shocking crime. That's when a man walked up to our guys and said, "I'm the guy you're looking for."  They called police - who quickly swooped in an took the man into custody.  We've got the arrest and aftermath on video for you tonight at 10!

And in Pike County, homicide investigators hard at work trying to find who shot and killed a couple who lived just outside Troy.  We've got the latest on what they know about the couple - at 10.

If you want to rustle up some emotional comments, just get folks talking about the immigration problem in this country.  Right now, there's a bill working its way through the Republican-controlled Alabama legislature that's modeled after Arizona's tough law on illegals.  But the bill - if signed into law - might eventually cost law enforcement millions to enforce.

And, Rich Thomas is back from vacation...rested, relaxed and ready to show you the new forecast for the weekend...which is looking pretty sporty. 

Hope you'll be in front of your TV coming up in less than 30 minutes after this message is delivered to your email box.

Take care,

Bob H.