County Road 12 - Praying Hands

Each week Debbie Williams takes us to unusual places and unique people. Today is no exception.  Put your hands together and get ready to say "oh my" for a woman in Tallapoosa County who has an unusual collection, somewhere out along County Road 12.

"You ain't gonna believe it but I said God gave me the talent and he intends for me to use it and this is one of the talents he gave me was the latchhook." When Dot Harry isn't working on her latest creation. "Debbie you need to be doing this." Or teaching folks how to make a rug. She has another well, obsession  "There some all over there." she says pointing to her walls. Her home is filled with praying hands. Big ones, little ones, even... "Well I do have a chocolate candy praying hands I kept it in the refrigerator for a while and my granddaughter and them ever time they come up, they wanted to eat it so now I have it hid in the big freezer. Ii ordered it out of a book. I thought it was a frame the way it was fixed and I ordered it and when i got it it was a candy."

All these praying hands, begs the question, why? "It gives me more security. I know my lord is near but then when I look at the praying hands, I can feel his closness.". She calls it her hobby. "Usually when I go into a strange store I go to the what-not shelves and see what they have but you don't find as many praying hands now as used too."  While some may think her hobby has gotten a little out of hand, no pun intended, Dot says the more the merrier. "I could collect other things but praying hands is what i like best." Well that and latchhook.

If you're going to the National Fair next month, you may just see some of Dot's work in the arts and craft barn. She enters every year and says she gets as excited about the Fair as kids do about Christmas.