CR 12: Selma Church Stained with Art

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - This church has seen some history.   St. Paul's Episcopal Church was founded in 1838.   The church was burned in the Civil War and the new building was done in 1875.   It held its first service on Easter Sunday that year.

The church is amazing to look at from the outside, but the view from the inside might be even better.   "You walk in and the daytime sunlight just streams through the windows," said Selma historian Bunny Gamble.    She's talking about the stained glass windows the fill the inside of the church.   And their not just decorations, they tell a story.   "Stained glass windows during the Mid-Evil times were a way to educate people.   They are the stories, usually from the Bible, people couldn't read back then so they could look at the windows to see what went on."

One window at St. Paul's really stands out.     It was painted by a member of the parish.  "Her name was Clara Weaver Parrish.   She trained under the famous Tiffany company in New York."    Parrish also donated two Tiffany stained glass windows to the church.

In St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Selma, it doesn't matter where you look, there's always a colorful reminder of why you're there.    St. Paul's is located in downtown Selma on North Lauderdale Street.   For more on it's history, stained glass windows, and service times check out the church web site:  HERE.

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