Budget woes across the board in Alabama

Tuesday - April 12, 2011

Everyday there's another story about money problems in the state.  Today, it was another half-hour news conference explaining the plight of the state court system.  We'll let you listen in as the Chief Justice explains how her shrinking budget will affect you the next time you need help from the legal system.

The Alabama House of Representatives takes up the state's education budget.  How much is left to cut?  What gets cut?  How does the budget treat colleges versus K-12?  Lots of questions for lawmakers to answer.  We're live at the Alabama State House for the story starting at 5.

And, if all that's not enough, the prison system may be forced to release inmates early to try and stay afloat financially.

In other words...we've got some serious, growing problems ahead and fewer dollars to solve them!

We'll throw in a bit of national news on the federal budget cuts being considered...where the space shuttles will be permanently displayed (Huntsville was a finalist city)...and why the radiation disaster in Japan is now on par with Chernobyl.

Hope you'll Mark and Val at 5...

I'll join you at 6 & 10.

Take care,

Bob H.