Police rush to Smiley Court

Tuesday - April 12, 2011

Another call to a "person shot"...this time in the Smiley Court area on the south side. Police say what they found was not good.  We'll set the stage for the story at 10.

Seems like all you hear these days are stories about budget cuts.  And, yes, they're everywhere.  Tonight, how federal cuts could take away folks who fill the manpower gaps for local non-profits.

At the Alabama State House - a long day moved into night.  Lawmakers wrangling over the education budget.  We're live for the latest on how the day was spent.

A couple of "must see" video clips.  A store clerk fights off a would-be robber up in north Alabama.  And, a small commuter jet - just parked on the tarmac - minding its own business...when WHAM! a huge jet clips its tail...spinning the smaller plane like a toy.  Talk about a shock! See it at 10.

Take care,

Bob H.