Jerrel Jernigan Draft Diary 4/12/11

I'm sitting in an all-pro wide receiver's locker room right now (more on that a little bit later).

I'm currently in the middle of a busy visit schedule.  The week started off with me in Cleveland for a visit with the Browns.

While I was there I met with their head coach (Pat Shurmur), the wide receiver position coach (Mike Wilson), and the special teams coach (Chris Tabor).

After the meeting, we watched film and then I met with their athletic trainers.  They wanted to look at my knees and make sure there weren't any issues there.

I left Cleveland yesterday and arrived in Atlanta and went straight to the hotel because my meeting with the Falcons started at 6:00 am this morning.

We got to the Falcons facility and I immediately met with Thomas Dmitroff, the Falcons General Manager and we talked for a good while.

Another I person I got to meet with was their Director of Player Personnel, Les Snead.  I found out he was from my hometown, Eufaula, which was pretty cool.

Next up was a meeting with head coach Mike Smith and wide receivers coach (Terry) Robiskie.  We watched film and went over formations that I ran in college and compared them to the offense they run here.

Then I toured their facilities and got to eat lunch in their players' cafeteria.  Overall, its been a great visit and a lot of fun so far.

Which brings me to where I'm at right this second, which is sitting in Roddy White's locker!

Last week I went to Minnesota and San Diego for visits.  They both went well and I got along with both teams' position coaches.

With Minnesota, I loved meeting with coach George Stewart.  He's a great guy.  Coach (Leslie) Frazier was cool too.  They told to me to think of having me and Percy Harvin in the backfield at the same time.  That seems pretty dynamic to me!

In San Diego, they made it clear that they need a slot wide receiver to work underneath routes and turn 5-yard catches and turn them into 20-yard gains.  All of their wide receivers are big guys.

Charlie Joiner, their receivers coach, is another guy I connected with.  He said they liked me a lot and he thinks I can bring a different element to their offense.

Plus they have a quarterback from Alabama (Philip Rivers) so I think that would be a great connection!

This afternoon, I'll be flying to New York for a meeting with the Giants.  On my way, back I'll stop in Charlotte to visit with the Carolina Panthers.

I'm still hearing a lot of teams like me in the second round, so everything is going according to plan.