Labs closing; no crime scene evidence processed.

Wednesday - April 13, 2011

Beautiful night out. Wish we could bottle it for later this summer when it'll still be 85 degrees at 10 o'clock!
On to the news of the night...budget cuts about to make crime fighting more difficult in Alabama.  The Forensics Department is ready to close labs and stop processing crime scene evidence.  We've got reaction from one local police department.
Hard to imagine what a couple in Opelika is feeling tonight.  We'll share their heart-wrenching interview with the parents of a young man who was killed in a drive by shooting in Washington, D.C.  A jury acquitted three of the five people charged. 
And, an ex-cop called it "free money" he took from Hispanic men he pulled over while working as a patrol officer on the night shift.   The judge did not take kindly to the former officer's crimes.  We'll tell you his sentence at 10!
The city of Montgomery's newest public golf course sees a significant increase in players on the fairways and greens.  We'll check the numbers and the reason they're going up at Gateway Park on the west side.
Hope you'll join us for these stories and many, many less than 30 minutes after this hits your email box!
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