Take Back The Night at the Capitol

Thursday - April 14, 2011

A nice night out...but storms moving our way.  The latest from Rich at 10.  The Storm Prediction Center has us in the "moderate" risk zone...up from "slight" last night.  We'll be here for you as the rain moves in sometime after lunch tomorrow.
A number of folks helped "Take Back The Night" with a ceremony on the Capitol steps.  Samuel King is there for the story of how people are working to end sexual violence.
Members of the local Chamber of Commerce took a road trip today to Atlanta to find out about the "new" 3 - R's: residential, retail and restaurants...and how they all work together in city developments.  We went along for the ride and the story.
All this and sports, too...at 10.  Got to run...headed down to News Studio B.
See you at 10!
Bob H.