Encouraging signs on Alabama's jobless rate

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's another day on the job for Barbara Rose, another day to be thankful. Thankful because she knows what it's like to be unemployed, jobless for three months that seemed like an eternity.

"Whew. You worry whether you'll be able to pay the bills," said Rose.

Rose is now gainfully employed, working as a waitress at Dreamland Bar-B-Que in downtown Montgomery.

Tina Bennett knows that feeling, too. She spent a year wondering how she was going to make ends meet.

"You start to lose faith sometimes," said Bennett.

Two people, two successful stories.

Unlike the storm clouds gathering at this very moment in Montgomery the horizon is clearing a bit on the job front. The unemployment rate came down a little in Alabama.

One year ago it was around 10%. The numbers that came out today.. 9.2%.

You still have almost 200,000 people out of work in the state but a drop is a drop.

"It's constant now. I have a daughter so things are better," said Bennett.

This encouragement from Rose and Bennett who have 'been there, done that.' Don't give in, don't give up.

"I learned that I can endure," said Rose.

And at least they know a door will open to an opportunity.

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