Greenville's Sherling Lake hit by tornado

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Not long after a tornado swept through Sherling Lake Park, crews were sweeping up the left behind debris.

Greenville authorities believe a funnel cloud passed over Sherling Lake campground just after 11:00 Friday night.

"My wife came in there and woke me up and said you better get up," says Frank Wiley.

Wiley was already asleep, but the wind, rain, and lightning outside his motor home forced him out of bed...quickly.

"It was like the trailer was fixing to take off. I thought it was," adds Wiley.

From uprooted trees to those snapped in two, it wasn't until morning that Wiley and others got a glimpse of the tornado's strength.

"This place was beautiful before that thing came through," he says.

"I didn't know it had done this," adds another camper.

Greenville officials walked through the park taking note of the damage while campers waited for power to be restored--all after a stressful night of severe weather.

Butler county sheriff Kenny Harden says no one was injured or killed in the tornado outbreak.

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