Butler County residents work to clean up storm damage

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - "I know people say it sounded like a freight train and that's what it was, but it only lasted a few seconds."

Those few seconds are now costing David Crenshaw.

"It'll be on in the thousands of dollars," says Crenshaw referring to the money it will take to repair his house.

He says tornado swept through his house ripping shingles off the roof, slicing through railings, and wrapping a swing around the porch. Rain also leaked inside the house.

"You can see in the ceiling, I have water damage and carpet wet."

And in a wood shed behind his house "it lifted stacks of lumber off and scattered it."

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden says no one was killed or injured in the tornadoes. Residents say they're surprised, but grateful.

"We can rebuild a barn, we can rebuild a house, we cannot rebuild a life," says Ricky Smith.

Smith pastors Shiloh Baptist Church--another storm damage site.

He's thankful no one in Butler County was hurt and that amidst the fallen trees in the church yard, the building still stands virtually unharmed.

"Many sermons will come from this right here of God providing for his people. His protection for us is outstanding...outstanding," says Smith.

So now, both Crenshaw and Smith regroup.

"It's clean-up job now," says Crenshaw.

"Just a matter of time of getting all that fixed and we're back in shape," adds Smith.

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