Budget Axe falls on Brantwood

The state's budget ax is making a lot of agency's tighten their belt but for Brantwood Children's home it's nothing new. They've been tightening their belt for years. This latest cut though, is hard to take.

Since 1917, this has been home to Montgomery County's unwanted kids. Twenty-three kids live here. It's where they play, go to school, have the family life they couldn't have at home. "The kids are doing well. They need someone to care for them. If this were to go away, they would be on the street." For the last 23 years, Ed Montoya has been Executive Director at Brantwood. "We like helping kids and as long as they continue to improve and be happy and successful in life and be taxpayers then I think we've done our job." That job is made tougher with the loss of 100 thousand dollars in state funds. This year, Montoya says they will probably be okay. Next year, could be a different story. "Funding will be worse next year, 2005. If these kids are not here, it's going to impact not only their lives but the whole community for a generation."

He's already reached out to the community that has supported them through the years. He knows how important Brantwood is, for the kids who live here, it could be their last hope.

21 percent of Brantwood's budget comes from the Montgomery Area United Way which has it's own budget troubles. They also receive some money from the department of human resources, medicaid and private donations.