One victim is dead; another wounded.

Monday - April 18, 2011

Two separate shootings - two victims - a police officer involved in one.  A lot to sort out from two parts of the city tonight.  Let's begin with the one that happened first.
A burglary in Lowndes County ended here in Montgomery in a police officer- involved shooting.  We're still waiting for the latest information on the details...including the latest on the victim's condition and the officer's role in the incident.  She'll be live from the scene.
Now, to the second shooting.  This one happened on the north side, along Upper Wetumpka Road.  We're working with the MPD to get to the bottom of what happened.  One thing's sure...this shooting victim has died.  We have a crew at that scene, too and will tell you all we've found out starting at 10.
Ready for a road the beach?  We'll join reporter Sally Pitts at Gulf Shores for the latest on the state of the beach one year after the BP oil spill happened on the Deep Horizon rig out in the gulf.  She has the latest on how effective the clean up has been...and if you'll still see (or smell) oil on the white sand beaches.
And, yes...we'll have the latest on our volatile spring weather.  (Here's a hint: Easter weekend is looking just great!)
Hope you'll join us at 10 when we should have a lot more on the shootings.
See you in the studio!
Bob H.