Cash for Kindness: Cash for Gas in Wetumpka

No matter how you pump it we've all got to have it and this must have is hitting many of us where it hurts.

Maxine Harrell has to drive a mini van to Montgomery to take care of business and to fill her up it's a whopping eighty bucks. Today, she's pumping only 10 dollars.

"It will get me where I need to go I'm going to Montgomery and back."

"I'm going to give you some money so you can put some gas in your car today. Bless you and bless me too because that will be a blessing for me too."

So, with 30 dollars she put gas in her tank, helping her keep food on her table.

We also gave 30 dollars to newly retired Huge Farr. Despite living on a fixed income he only took 20 dollars.

"You don't want this one?"

"Give that to someone more worthy."

"You don't think you're worthy? "

"I was only going to put in 20 dollars."

"So you want to pass this one to someone else?"


That person was Deanna Hart.  She works, she's a full-time student and single mom of three.

" That's awesome.  Y'all are going to make me cry."

It just goes to show you even when times are tough people recognize their neighbors in need and aren't afraid to help.

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