Lee wins Montgomery's District 7 City Council seat

Arch Lee reacts to his win in the District 7 council seat race.
Arch Lee reacts to his win in the District 7 council seat race.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A sense of relief and a bit of rejoicing at the Lee residence as friends and family congratulate the new council member-elect.

"Obviously excited. Very grateful for everybody that got out and voted today...my voters as well as Jenny's [Ives]. It took a lot for people to get out and vote on a special election," says District 7 City Councilman-Elect Arch Lee.

And just a few miles away...a different feeling as supporters gathered with Jenny Ives--who admits she's happy for her opponent.

"It was a good fight, and he won, and it's wonderful," says Ives.

Lee says after the general election he looked at areas where he was lacking votes, and believes that's what gave him the lead the second time around.

"We worked those areas to get our message out. Our message stayed the same, we just really got it out to the people and made sure they heard what we were saying."

Even though he won't be sworn in for a few days, he says the work begins immediately.

"I'm going to start making some phone calls and talking to people and no bones about it, I've got a lot to learn," admits Lee.

Now that she's one of his constituents, Ives has one piece of advice for her new councilman.

"To work really hard for the people and support them well."

Lee's win only gets him to August. That's when his and the other city council member seats are up re-election. Lee thinks his work between now and then will win him another term. Ives says she isn't planning to run again.

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