One year later.

Wednesday - April, 20th

The beaches are beautiful in Alabama on this first anniversary of the start of the worst oil spill in U.S. history.  We're live in Gulf Shores for a different point of view on the recovery from the disaster.

The man accused of poisoning the oak trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn says somebody attacked him at a service station shortly after leaving a Lee County courtroom.  We're live in Opelika for the story.

A breaking story from Greenville:  a newborn's body found in a plastic bag in the closet of a house.  We'll tell you what authorities know.

Supporters of a new abortion bill in Alabama tell us why they believe in the bill and are saying so publicly.

Republicans in the state legislature are pushing for significant changes in the makeup of the Retirement Systems of Alabama's boards of control.  Democrats say don't try to fix something that's working well.

And, some active weather across Alabama.  Rich updates the forecast into the evening hours.

Hope you'll join Rich, Jeff and me at 6...and again at 10!

Take care,

Bob H.