Ala. bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama Senate Health Committee heard arguments for and against a bill that would limit abortions to 20 weeks.

Rep. Kerry Rich, (R – Albertville), sponsored the legislation that was passed last week by the House.

"I want there to be fewer abortions," Rich said at the time. "This is a measure that would reduce the number of them in Alabama."

The committee didn't take a vote on the bill.

One of the staunch opponents of the bill was Allison Neal with the ACLU, she said the bill stretches too far into a woman's personal life.

Neal said "This governmental interference in a woman's personal medical decision and that she needs to be doing this in consultation with her doctor, her clergy, and family members as opposed to being told by the legislature what she can and can't do."

A supporter of the bill, Tijuanna Adetunji, said she had an abortion once that led to a second procedure that required physicians to finish the job.

"It was such a traumatic experience" Atedunji said. "It was very traumatic."

She said she never wants another woman to have to go through her same experience.

Neal with the ACLU said the provisions in the bill for mothers who could be harmed if they have an abortion are not enough.

The committee did not take action on the bill. If it gives the bill a favorable report then it would go to the Senate floor for consideration.

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