Faith gets tested and stretched in Boone's Chapel

Church Secretary Amy Fray says, for her at least, Easter will be extra special this weekend.
Church Secretary Amy Fray says, for her at least, Easter will be extra special this weekend.

Just hours after a powerful tornado ripped through Boone's Chapel in Autauga County Friday night, members of the Boone's Chapel Baptist Church were already making plans to hold Easter services in the exposed pews as a way to look ahead. The storm destroyed the sanctuary but left many of the pews intact.

Amy Fray says nothing like this has ever splintered the church that started in 1938.

"God is good. He's blessed us over and over and He's proved himself to us," said Fray.

Today, there are no pews, the concrete slab wiped clean but there will still be services Sunday. Instead of holding them outside, they will be in the multi-purpose room in part of the building that wasn't damaged. Hundreds are expected Sunday morning. The church's website says services begin at 10 AM Sunday.

"I think the pastor thought we might have a lot of people and there is still some debris around the foundation of the slab. That might be a problem," said Fray.

There are tentative plans to rebuild though it's not clear yet whether it will be a new sanctuary or a children's wing.

Amy Fray says for her at least Easter will be extra special this weekend. Now more than ever Fray will spend a lot of time reflecting and rejoicing.

There will be a touch of sadness.

Well within walking distance of the church three members of the community lost their lives when the tornado dipped down and destroyed their mobile homes.

Fray says Willard Hollon.. his son Steven and daughter Cheryl were members of another church but still part of the family.

"My heart and prayers go out to them. We will continue to pray for them," said Fray.

Cleaning up, rebuilding, rebirth.. Boone's Chapel is moving on.

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