Opelika High School Prom dress code

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OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - It is prom season again.  The time for some local students to get dressed up in their finest. But, what if your kids got turned away from the event because of what they were wearing?  One local school is taking bold steps against risque prom attire.

Opelika school officials will inspect prom dresses and tuxedos at this year's prom.  If they do not pass the dress code inspection, they cannot get into prom.

Mariah Sankey did not want to reveal this year's prom dress quite yet. But, she showed News Leader Nine what she wore to last year's prom, and you might see something a little different than what's in style.

"No cleavage whatsoever and no split can be three inched above the knee.  Most dresses have a back out, they can't go lower than your natural waistline.  Nothing can go past the sides," said Sankey.

Sankey described to News Leader Nine Opelika High School's Prom Dress code.  It is a set of rules for all students outlining what they cannot wear for the big event.  While Sankey said she understands the needs for a dress code, she said the rules make it more of a challenge to find a dress.

"I went through about three or four before I found the one I'm wearing this year and about three or four with this one last year because it's always something that's not going to meet the dress code," said Sankey.

Dr. Stan Cox, the Opelika High School's principal, told News Leader Nine the rule has been around for years and is a way to encourage safe fun.  He said the students do not seem to have much problem with it.

"We stay here late for the students who want to bring in and show us their dresses and put them on so they can be looked at or alter or in cause they need to be," said Cox.

If students do not get the okay before prom, then Cox said they face the chance of not being able to get into prom.  The check will happen right before students go into prom, but if they do not pass dress code, then they do not get into the big event.  Cox said that means the money they spent on a ticket is non-refundable.

"You don't meet dress code, you don't attend prom," said Cox.

Sankey said she understands the school's point of view.

"They want us to have good, safe fun. And they just have our best interest in mind, and I get that," said Sankey.

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