Gilley promises full cooperation with prosecutors

Good Friday - April 22, 2011

I hope you have had a good, Good Friday. 

For federal prosecutors this will be remembered as the day one of the key defendants in the state house corruption case - Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley - pleaded guilty.  Tonight at 10 we'll outline the charges Gilley admitted to - and how he's promised to fully cooperate with prosecutors in the case against the remaining nine defendants.

A Montgomery family gets closure in their search for a missing loved one.  But with the closure comes the uncertainty of the circumstances his death - and who killed him.  Reporter Melissa McKinney tells us how hi-tech crime fighting procedures helped Montgomery Sheriff's investigators make a positive ID.

The old south was built around "king cotton." But when demand slowed, farmers turned to other crops.  But now, cotton is king again.  Reporter Samuel King says demand is way up...and so are prices and potential profits.

And, the Easter weekend is upon us.  Jeff Jumper shares the latest revision to his Easter weekend forecast.

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