County Road 12 - Search Dogs

They're our pets, our companions. They're our best friends. But dogs may have more to offer than we could ever imagine, they could save our life. Debbie Williams introduces us to a couple of extraordinary canine's and their human partners somewhere out along County Road 12.

If you are ever lost.  Or a loved one is missing . You want these guys hot on your trail. "Our dogs were not chosen to be pets. They were chosen to be working dogs. I'm in awe of what these dogs are capable of."  Meet Anka. "His name is actually Ankare which is german for anchor because I wanted this strong dog and he's a lot stronger than I wanted," says a laughing Debbie Gobles, Anka's owner.  And Lhotsie, "She is the only avalanche certified dog in the state of Alabama." says Lhotsie's owner, Chris Salisbury. Two highly trained german shepherds that could save your life. "My perfect life would be to spend all day, everyday working with these dogs." They are not pets. "They become family members because of the living situation and it is the closest relationship I've ever had with any kind of an animal." That's how remarkable these search dogs are and why Debbie and Chris have dedicated their lives to them and search and rescue. "When you find a subject and they're living , it is, you really can't explain it, it's the most awesome feeling on earth." "It's almost spine-tingling the first time it happens," says Chris,"and you'll never ever forget it.". "When you find someone deceased it's very, very hard on us because we think if only we were brought in sooner, if only we had had the chance to find them, when we're bringing back the living person instead of giving closure to the family." It's a life not everyone can adapt too. "The time commitment is extraordinary, the financial is extraordinary. It becomes an obsession or you're not going to make it because you're giving up so much."  In the end, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice. "And one live find, pays you back for every second you put into training that dog."

Debbie and Chris have created the Central Alabama Search Dog Association. They offer their services to any law enforcement agency searching for missing children, alzhiemers patients, whoever needs them. All free of charge. They are also looking for volunteers.