Evacuation ordered as a precaution

Monday - April 25, 2011

Two big stories at the top of tonight's newscasts:

- Plastics re-cycling plant fire

- Ronnie Gilley to be released from jail

First, to the fire.  We're live in south Montgomery County at the plant fire in Lapine on U.S. 331.  Thick block smoke billowed from the plant as firefighters and hazmat team members worked to control the flames.  Occasionally there were small explosions - propane gas tanks, we're told.  Authorities evacuated a 2-mile radius...as a precaution.

Now, to the State House corruption case.  Ronnie Gilley's lawyers convinced the court to allow him to be out of jail while he cooperates with federal investigators.  His lawyers asked for the time for Gilley to be with his family before he begins what will likely be 20+ years in federal prison.  We're monitoring the jail to see when he'll be released.

Another of the defendants in the State House probe, Milton McGregor's attorneys were back in court today...trying to get some of the charges against him dropped.  We'll have the specifics at 6.

Plus, the state legislature is working to re-write the state's teacher tenure law.  We'll explain the essence of the changes.

And, did you hear?  More severe weather will threaten us starting tomorrow night.  Get all you need to know to stay safe...at 6, 9 and 10!

See you then.

Bob H.