Cash for Kindness: Cash for Gas

We continue our mission to ease the pain at the pump.  With the price of gas nearly 4 dollars in our area we decided to help drivers with a little "Cash for Kindness" in one of the state's poorest areas.

Welcome to Lowdnes county and the town of Hayneville. Despite an area struggling with high unemployment residents must still find a way to pay for gas.

"It's bad real bad"

John Whitfield remembers when he could fill up his wife's Toyota Camry with only 15 dollars.

"Now it takes 45 dollars to fill it up.  It's bad"

Between his work truck and his wife's car Whitfield says he's spending more than 100 dollars a week on a fixed income.  We told him we were here to help with a little "Cash for Kindness. "

"You gonna give me 30 dollars?"

"Yea.  What did you think?"

"Ok, ok I apologize."

"We do this thing called "Cash for Kindness" and we're helping people out with the high cost of gas."

"Ok. I really appreciate it."

Whitfield wasn't the only person to benefit.  Pamela Holcomb drives an SUV  and she could really use the cash.

"Thank you."

She immediately put that cash in her tank.

"Wow.  You put in 75 dollars.

"And it ain't even filled it up."

We heard story, after story like that.  People were putting in just enough to make it to their next stop.   Rochelle Williams goes from gas station to gas station in search of the best deals and she realizes it pretty hard to get around these prices.   BUt, since she can't get around it we wanted to at least help her get through the pain at the pump.

"This really helps we really appreciate it.  On behalf of myself and the other people that you've helped today we thank you."

If you'd like to nominate someone for Cash for Kindness send Valorie Lawson an email at  @