Mobile home residents prepare for severe weather

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Cordell Morgan is no stranger to severe weather. He and the many other folks who live in a mobile home community on Troy Highway know mobile homes are often the hardest hit by tornadoes.

"At one point, I thought that tree was like, a branch on that tree was going to fall when we was in there," says Morgan.

He and his family were in their trailer when the most recent round of bad weather came through Montgomery.

Typically, they don't stay there.

"We'll leave to go to my auntie's house," says Morgan.

He's not the only one. Kids in the community say when tornadoes threaten?

"We go down to the store down here and we sit in the middle where there's no windows and we just sit back until the storm's over," says 5th grader, Hannah Birch.

It's good advice - according to the National Weather Service.

1. If you're in a mobile home, go to the lowest floor of a sturdy nearby building or storm shelter.

2. If you're in a vehicle, get out and find a safe shelter or lie face down in a ditch.

3. In a house, go to a central room or basement and get under a sturdy piece of furniture.

"Seeing the destruction that a tornado can do makes you really re-think your plan of action," says Montgomery resident, Kristine Mantel.

Every time she hears a tornado siren, "our little girl, my husband, our three dogs, myself and our three dogs are underneath the staircase with pillows waiting for the bad weather to pass."

Another thing to keep in mind when dealing with tornadoes, beware of flying debris.

National Weather Service officials say that's what causes most fatalities and injuries.

Officials say tornadoes cause roughly 70 fatalities and 1,500 injuries each year.

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