MPS closer to picking new school site

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery County School Board appears closer to naming the location of the new east side high school.  The Board announced a land committee had narrowed the choice down to two sites.

But those sites won't be revealed because they are still in negotiations over price.  Members feel if the negotiations are made public, it could harm the board's ability to get a fair price.

"The land committee will be the ones to make the decision, but we do want the public to know what is happening," said Charlotte Meadows, the President of the School Board.  "We need certainly want the public's participation certainly in knowing what we're doing."

Meadows said she and Superintendent Barbara Thompson will negotiate the terms of an agreement with the land owners.  They will then report back to board members and the Land Committee.  Land Committee member and Montgomery County Commissioner Reed Ingram told WSFA 12 News a lot of factors are going into the decision including access, the size of the site and safety.

"I think with the kids driving, it's something we have to take into consideration," Ingram said  It's got to be on a good highway, easy access to decel lanes, accel lanes, medians that are very visible and I think that's very important."

Ingram said the committee could make a decision within 10 days.  MPS officials would like the school to be open to students by August 2013.

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