Daleville Teacher is a Class Act

For five years Mike Schovel has taught at Daleville's Nova Guidance and Learning Center; a lot different than when he flew helicopters in the army, but no less rewarding. Schovel explains as a teacher he enjoys, "the discovery (of) watching a student who has little or no confidence in himself or herself, all of a sudden put some things together and watch light bulbs go on. That to me is magic."

Schovel's students give him high marks as an educator, but feel he excels even higher at being a supportive, nurturing force in their lives. 7th grader Crystal Williams says, "if I needed help he would give me help. If I was in trouble I know I could come in here and talk to him whenever I felt like it. I know I probably get on his nerves, but he's still there for me."

6th grader Chris Harrell adds, "he helps me with everything I do. He says I work real hard and gives me confidence in myself."

Nova's goal is to constantly make students better. Schovel has taken a refresher course in Spanish to better serve his Hispanic students; and taken a calculus course just in case any of his kids needed help in that area.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell

Nova's director, Tony Thacker says, "part of the process in his classroom is the development of a trust factor that many of his students haven't had elsewhere. And I think that they find out, the students in his class find out they can do a great deal more than what they had originally envisioned."

Schovel says becoming a teacher is the second best decision he's ever made; the first was marrying his wife.