Alabama Power company update

From Alabama Power

Crews from Alabama Power and 18 other states have now restored electric service to more than 367,000 customers since Wednesday's devastating tornadoes. At 5 p.m. Sunday, 44,455 customers remained without power. That's down from a peak of 412,229 at the height of the storms. Outages by region of the state at 5 p.m. were:
  • Birmingham area (Jefferson, Shelby counties) – 18,464
  • Eastern areas (Including Anniston, Gadsden, Oxford) – 3,689
  • Western areas (including Bibb, Walker, Tuscaloosa counties) – 22,230
  • Southern areas (including Selma, Montgomery, Opelika) – 72
A force of more than 10,000 is now on the ground working to restore power. Crews from Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin and the Carolinas have joined Alabama Power crews and support staff in the effort.
The company has set a target to restore power to 95 percent of customers who can take service by the end of the day Wednesday, May 4. The company has restored power to 89 percent of customers affected.
NOTICE REGARDING LAKE CONDITIONS: Boaters and other users of Alabama Power lakes are advised to use caution on company reservoirs because of the large amount of debris in the water following the storms. Lake users can call the company's automated Reservoir Information System at 1-800-LAKES11 for up-to-date information about lake conditions.
Safety tips
  • If power is out, please call Alabama Power's automated reporting system at 1-800-888-APCO (2726). It is the fastest way to report an outage or a hazardous situation, such as a downed power line.
  • Turn off appliances to avoid any potential safety hazards when power is restored.
  • Stay clear of areas with fallen trees or debris where downed lines may be hidden. Stay away from areas where repair crews are working.
  • Stay away from downed lines. Do not drive over lines or under low-hanging lines. Keep children and pets away from downed lines. Do not attempt to remove tree limbs or anything else caught in power lines. Call Alabama Power at 1-800-888-APCO (2726) or contact a local law enforcement agency if downed lines are spotted.
Generator safety tips
More and more people are purchasing portable generators to keep appliances running during outages. While generators can be a convenience, they can also be deadly when used improperly.
  • Read and follow carefully the manufacturer's instructions before using a generator.
  • Do not plug in portable generators to your household wiring. This can cause serious injury to you and to Alabama Power employees working on the lines in your neighborhood. Connect only essential appliances – such as freezers and refrigerators – directly to the generator.
  • To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, operate generators outdoors in a well-ventilated, dry area that is away from air intakes to the home, including window air conditioners. A good location is an open shed. Never use a portable generator indoors or in attached garages.
Alabama Power crews will work as fast as safety allows. Before neighborhood lines can be repaired, crews must first repair larger lines that bring power to the neighborhoods.
To learn more about how Alabama Power responds to storms and how you can prepare, log on to Click "About Us" and then "Storm Center."