The view from high above Lake Martin

Monday - May 2, 2011

Five days after the storms -
Tonight, if you'll join us, we'll show you the damage on Lake Martin from high above the shoreline.  I'll give you a bird's-eye view of the path of destruction in Elmore and Tallapoosa County.  Afterward, you'll have a much better understanding of the destructive power of an EF-5 tornado - the top of the scale - when it touches down.'s hard to believe, but looters have moved in to steal what little's left behind in some parts of the storm zone.  Police arrested four Florida residents who drove all the way to Pleasant Grove outside Birmingham.  Closer to home, the Alabama Marine Police are tracking down a suspect who was pulling people's possessions out of Lake Martin.  Makes you wonder who would do something like that!
And, this is a number we hate to hear: 236. The number of people confirmed dead in Alabama after what is now the nation's worst tornado outbreak - ever.  But even more concerning - and confusing - is the number of people who are "unaccounted for." The Mayor of Tuscaloosa says it's more than 300...just in his city.  The Alabama EMA says 7.
But, somehow in the midst of all this tragedy, turmoil and tears - there are stories of people persevering and succeeding....and we've got several of them to share with you.
So, as you can see - a lot to see and hear tonight.  Hope you'll be watching.
See you on the set at 10!
Bob H.