Donation overload sweeps Elmore County

ELMORE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - On Facebook: Eclectic Tornado Help

Pennsylvania resident Bille Hysong was just days away from moving to Alabama for good.  She and her husband had already bought and landscaped a place called "Shady Acres" near Eclectic.

"This was going to be my first really home I ever had. I never had a home, really, to speak of," she explained.

Now, the shade trees--and the woman's possessions--are gone, tossed away by a tornado.

"This was it. This was my dream."

Hysong's not alone. Not far away, in downtown Eclectic, people with similar stories continue to filter into donation centers.

And the help keeps coming.

"We couldn't ask for any thing any better. This town has really come together.  The surrounding area has come together," said volunteer Stacy Thornton.

So much so, volunteers are now turning away some items.

"Please, no clothes and no water, we have plenty of clothes," said volunteer Leslie Ford.

With warehouses full, organizers say they now need things like supplies for diabetics--and other items usually overlooked.

"We're starting to get families back into trailers who need kitchen supplies," Ford explained.

Despite the new requests, volunteers are needed, and more are answering the call.  The charity leaves people like Bille Hysong with full arms and a full heart.

"I have friends now that I never knew I had. Alabama is just wonderful," Hysong exclaimed.

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