MPS selects location for new high school

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The future home of the new Montgomery Public High School has been selected. In a meeting Tuesday afternoon the board decided in a 5-2 vote that the new high school would be built on a site near Hampstead off of Taylor Road and will be fronted by the new connector road between Taylor and Ray Thorington Roads.

There were a total of five possible locations being considered however, MPS would not release all of the locations being voted on due to the fact that not all price negotiations were finished. Board members felt if the negotiations were made public, it would harm the board's ability to get a fair price.

"The board and our staff worked well together to wade through the various proposals," said Thompson. "The Land Acquisition Committee process was as open as possible and in the end, I am confident we have the best possible site for the new school."

The board used ten basic criteria when evaluating these sites:

  1. Cost
  2. Road Infrastructure
  3. Infrastructure Cost
  4. Student Location
  5. Transportation Costs
  6. Adjoining Property Use
  7. Area Growth Projections
  8. Developable Area
  9. Soil Components
  10. Drainage Issues

The other finalist site considered by the board was a parcel on Old Pike Road, about a quarter mile east and south of Ray Thorington Road.

The new high school is projected to open in 2013 with room for about 800 students. Further additions, when funding is available, could bring the student capacity to 1,500.

"I know all of us are anxious to see plans drawn and break ground," added Thompson. "I am very excited that this long promised project is about to be fulfilled."

Money to build the new high school came from a $25 million grant from the city. That grant was given with the understanding the money would be used only to build a new facility for the school on the east side of town.