Montgomery public schools donating to storm victims

First grade school teacher Cassandra Wright is putting up another batch of paper lollipops, evidence the giving is still the lesson of the day at Dozier Elementary School in Montgomery.

11-year old Kylar Pettway says she came up with what she considers a good idea.

"When you lose your home you just feel down," said Pettway.

School principal Cindy McKenzie is proud of her students but not surprised.

"This is what we teach them," said McKenzie.

At last count 45 paper lollipops have been stapled up on the bulletin board, a dollar per pop, all of it going to the storm victims through the Red Cross.

Even though Pettway is so young, she says she has an idea of what it means to live without.

"I just remember our basement flooding and we're just now getting that fixed, and remember my grandfather telling me about a tornado," said Pettway.

The idea got off the ground Monday morning and the goal is $50.00 per day.

And that's not all.

Dozier Elementary is also planning a blood drive Friday morning in front of the school beginning at 7:30 Friday morning.

At such an early age students like Kylar Pettway are beginning to see just quickly life can change on a dime for so many at once.

This is their way of saying they care.. and remember.

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