Jerrel Jernigan Diary: Final Entry

After watching the first round of the draft was on Thursday, I couldn't sleep that night.

It was an interesting day because my mom and dad were getting ready for a big cookout at our house on Friday.  We were hosting a bunch of friends and family over to watch the draft.

Honestly, I had to wait longer than I thought I would.  But it all worked out in the end because I'm going to a great organization in the New York Giants.

I was sitting in my sister's room with my mom and some family members waiting for the call.  There were about 100 people there so my dad was downstairs helping with everything.

When my phone rang, I answered and it was Coach Coughlin and the General Manager, Mr. (Jerry) Reese, and they asked me if I was "ready to be a Giant?"  I said yes sir!

They told me that they were looking forward to me coming in and making a big impact on the team this year.

It was probably the best day of my life so far.  To get that call from the Giants, it has been a dream of mine ever since I started playing football.

I wasn't going to cry, but my mom started crying and I guess the moment hit me because I shed a few tears with her.

There was a lot of yelling and jumping around going on in the house.  Everyone then gathered around the TV to watch them announce the pick.

I walked around the house and thanked everyone and they were congratulating me and then we took a bunch of pictures and it was just a moment I'll never forget.

The next day, I participated in a conference call with the team and media.

I'm really looking forward to getting up there and learning from the veterans and let the team know that I'm willing to help the organization out any way I can.

As a matter of fact, I talked to Eli (Manning) yesterday (Sunday).  He called me up and he let me know that they are going to start throwing in two weeks on their own at a local high school.

I told him I'm still in school so he told me that its alright if I can't make it up there to join them.  He realizes the importance of me finishing my degree first.

Plus I can't sign my contract with the lockout in effect, so that is something else that is in the way.

I'm already back in Troy working out on my own and staying in shape so that I'll be ready to go whenever the lockout is over.

It will be different for me coming from Alabama and living in a big city like New York. But I'll be ok because the organization is top notch and I can't wait to get up there with my new teammates.

This is the last entry of my draft diary, so there are a few people I'd like to thank.  Thanks to everyone in the Eufaula community, the Troy community and all of my coaches, teammates, academic advisors, and teachers I've had over the years!

Thanks to WSFA, and all of the fans and readers out there.  I greatly appreciate everyone's support.  It feels great to be a Giant!  God bless everyone!

Jerrel Jernigan