Bentley's plan for recovery...

Tuesday - May 3, 2011

Six days after the tornadoes struck -

It's what a lot of people were waiting for...Governor Bentley's address to the state outlining his plan for getting the state back on track after the storms. Applause from legislators in the audience at the old House Chamber in the Capitol tonight interrupted the governor a dozen times including a half-dozen standing ovations.  We'll show you what triggered the emotional response.

Many cities in the state have suffered widespread destruction over the years.  But imagine your small town being wiped out...twice!  It happened 6 days ago.  We'll share the sad story at 10.

So who picks up the tab for the massive cleanup after such widespread devastation? One nearby county got the answer...and it's just what they wanted to hear.

And, the Montgomery school board picks the less-expensive of two plots for the site of a new high school.  We'll hear from one city council member who fought for the higher priced property.

Plus, Rich says long sleeves will be back in fashion for about three nights.

See you on the 10!

Bob H.