Barges spotted on Lake Martin, shoreline clean up begins

This is what Lee Liles wakes to up every morning from his home on Lake Martin, a dramatically different landscape in the Windemere section of the lake, one filled with thousands of trees uprooted and homes crushed.

"It's sad," said Liles.

Liles' family home on Lake Martin sustained only minor damage compared to his neighbors. Still, like his neighbors Liles shares the lake, all the more reason he is pleased to see barges on the water. They have arrived to begin the delicate process of removing storm debris from the water. WSFA 12 News has been told removing the stuff could take at least 6 weeks.

"I hope they can get it done quickly," Liles said.

Lee Liles' co-worker Albert Hill didn't take a boat ride with Liles necessarily to see the clean-up but rather the power of a storm he witnessed first-hand while working at Sinclair's that night.

Albert Hill estimates he was about a thousand yards away from the storm, a comfortable distance but too close for him.

"I never want to see that again, ever. At first there was a little wind and then it just got quiet. We saw it as lightening was flashing around it," Hill said emphatically.

While the clean-up is well underway Lee Liles and Albert Hill take it all in for the first time from the water, still in awe one week later.

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