Eclectic mayor raises ire after asking for donation halt

Mayor Helen Rowe says her city can't handle any more donations at this time.
Mayor Helen Rowe says her city can't handle any more donations at this time.
File Photo from My12: Volunteers in Eclectic on May 2, 2011.
File Photo from My12: Volunteers in Eclectic on May 2, 2011.

ELMORE CO., AL (WSFA) - It's a problem most any storm ravaged city would welcome: Way too many donated items and citizens organized to bring in more, a lot more. In the city of Eclectic in Elmore County, the city has reached its limit, for now, as is asking folks not to bring in any more donations.

Even other cities are trying to help. The city of Daphne in south Alabama just "adopted" Eclectic, and you can bet more help is in the way from them.

Mayor Helen Rowe said her city is overwhelmed and overloaded with donations and is asking folks to halt their giving for now. Those wanting to give are being very vocal in their opposition to the mayor's request.

A total of 6 people died when the EF-4 tornado swept through the county last Wednesday. Since that time the only thing stronger to move through the air has been the volunteers and donors.

Viewers of WSFA 12 News' Facebook page say trucks are being turned away in Eclectic, though that has not been confirmed independently. We've assigned a reporter to look into the matter and will have further details this evening. They immediately started contacting the WSFA 12 Newsroom wanting light shed on the situation.

"We need you now, more than ever, to come get to the bottom of this story!," wrote Ginny Hughes. Sherry Monismith responded, "Yes please go there and stop them from shutting down, people need them."

The Elmore County Commission and Emergency Management Agency said Thursday, for now, they no longer need "spontaneous" donations.

They thanked all the volunteers who have helped with the tornado recovery effort and said, "The outpouring of help, from donations of necessities for storm victims, to property cleanup and tarping, to providing food for volunteers, the citizens of Elmore County have come together in a spirit of love."

The work to identify needs for specific items and assistance continues, and the Commission said it would make an announcement if any more supplies were needed.

There are still ways that folks can help, however. Visit or log on to for information regarding statewide needs.

Volunteers may also call 211 for information regarding where to take donated goods.    


  1. Davis Drug on Main Street in Millbrook starting Friday.
  2. New Home Missionary Baptist Hwy 14 on Elmore Rd.
  3. Red Cross tent located at Hwy 63 and Windemere Rd entrance to The Ridge.
  4. Lot next to Spring View Drugs (corner of Chapman Rd/Main St.) in Millbrook, AL starting Friday.

Additional donation points and recovery information at

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