Setting the record straight -

Thursday - May 5, 2011

8 days after the tornadoes struck -

Comments from the mayor of a small town in our viewing area apparently upset some folks who are working to get tornado relief supplies to storm victims.  Tonight the mayor says she wants to set the record straight about what she said - or meant to say. 

Chicken farmers in the tornadoes' paths lost millions (yep, MILLIONS) of chickens in the outbreak.  Tonight we learn that number is not high...compared to the number of birds processed everyday in our state!  But still...there are people involved...the growers who lost everything on their farms.  Some are homeless.  Most are perplexed over what to do next.

And, at 10 tonight, we'll also listen to a small town school principal talk about losing one of his teachers, and two students.  Sad to say there are a lot of those stories yet to be told.

Then, we'll check in with Rich for the Mother's Day weekend forecast...which is looking downright balmy.

Hope you'll join us tonight.  And, I hope you'll do something tomorrow to help the tens of thousands of your fellow Alabamians who are hurting. Bring your storm relief items (tarps, gloves, diapers, wipes, etc.) to the Chantilly Parkway Walmart from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.  I'll be there for the news at 5pm and 6pm.  Come out and help. I'll be looking for you!!

See you on the set!

Bob H.