Lose your ID in the storm? Here's help

The Department of Public Safety is partnering with the Department of Human Resources to provide assistance to Alabama tornado victims whose Alabama driver licenses and non-driver identification cards were lost in the storm.

Beginning May 10, Driver License Division examiners will offer temporary driver licenses and ID cards to victims at Jefferson-Boutwell Auditorium, 1930 8th Ave. N., Birmingham; and at the Coleman Coliseum, 120 Coliseum Circle, Tuscaloosa.  This service will be offered from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. May 10 to 14.

Only those individuals from areas hit by tornadoes will be eligible to receive duplicate or renewed driver licenses or ID cards. All others will be turned away. To obtain temporary card, storm victims should bring at least one form of identification – preferably a birth certificate and/or Social Security card if at all possible.

For additional information, visit the Department of Public Safety's website, dps.alabama.gov.