Groups go extra mile for Elmore County clean-up day

ECLECTIC, AL (WSFA) - If you didn't know any better you might think Karen Smith and Sharon Hubbard were lifelong friends.

"We just met," says Hubbard.

Smith and a group from Indiana saw the tornadoes on the news and immediately felt called to help with the Elmore County clean-up efforts.

"We brought nine people, a U-Haul full of supplies, big open hearts and hands to do some actual hands-on work and come and help the people of Alabama."

Karen called Lakeview Baptist Church in Montgomery after hearing they were involved in local relief efforts.

She met Sharon and the two groups instantly joined forces.

"When we found out we could pair up with a church and spend just the weekend and do what we could, we decided to just hop in a vehicle and come on down," says Krista Smith, a college student with the group.

Despite what crews accomplished, they say there's still so much to be done--which is why many of them say they plan to come help again.

"Definitely getting another group back together and come back down here. It's definitely going to be on our agenda. Working with Lakeview, it's definitely going to be something we're going to do," says Caleb Unger, another Indiana student.

It's good news for Melissa Macon--whose house used to sit on the land the group is cleaning.

"It's amazing about all these people here, that they're all here for one reason and one help," says Macon.

For the group from Indiana, Krista Smith says driving 11 hours was the least they could do.

"I'm just so thankful we could come down and give them a piece of help just from somewhere else."

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