Letter claims MPS rethinking Floyd Magnet move

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery Public School System may revisit the idea of moving Floyd Middle Magnet School into McIntyre Middle School.   While no decision has been made, the superintendent said all options were on the table.

The move was contemplated as part of the system's consolidation plan but was ultimately scrapped. Eight other schools were approved for closure, and the termination of numerous teachers' positions was announced as part of the system's budget cutting plans.

An email sent out May 9th directed toward Floyd PTSA members said MPS was reconsidering the location of Floyd beyond the 2011-2012 school year and that "the relocation to the new site was almost finalized."

Floyd PTSA President Stacy Sparks told WSFA 12 News that many parents had been unaware of the plans.

"There were a lot of parents that voiced opinions that were heard, and now we're going backwards and telling us our opinions don't count," Sparks said.

MPS Central Office officials tell WSFA 12 News the push to move the school is not coming from them.

"Over the past few weeks, Floyd Middle School Principal Vince Johnson, his staff and a committee of parents have been looking at McIntyre Middle School as part of an effort to identify a facility that is able to accommodate more students and provide a broader array of instructional and extra-curricular options," said Montgomery Public Schools spokesman Tom Salter in a written statement.

Those individuals will likely present their plan's findings to the school board, which would have to approve any plan for a move.

"The new magnet committee meets soon," said Superintendent Barbara Thompson. "We will get their input and then if parents, staff and the school administration want to consider it further we can.

Sparks said she wasn't necessarily opposed to a move, as long as parents are kept informed about the issue.

"Knowledge is power. If everybody knows, we can come together as a unit and support each other," she said.

Thompson said all options need to be explored and that the plan "could be something to consider bringing to the board for the fall of 2012."

Board members said they were looking for more information on the issue.  Floyd Middle Magnet School is in Board member Beverly Ross' district.   She said she would not have a problem with the move, if parents are kept up-to-date on the plans.

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