Bags of ice designated for storm relief sit unused

The state is promising to investigate after WSFA 12 News cameras found hundreds of bags of ice not wrapped or protected from the elements.  The ice is intended for storm victims.

It's being housed in a state facility off Mobile Highway in Montgomery.  One truck driver who delivered the ice who delivered the ice was outraged by what he saw and found.

"They're unloading these trucks and putting the ice and just setting it out on the ground, when there's people there who still need it," said the driver, who did not want to be identified.

WSFA 12 News showed pictures of the facility to this woman.  She was concerned about people in need.

"You wouldn't leave a gallon of gas sitting outside if someone needed it, so yeah I think it's a waste," said Andrea Wright of Montgomery.

The Alabama EMA said it's a part of its ice missions - ice sent to different parts of the state to assist in relief efforts.  EMA Spokesperson Yasamie August told WSFA 12 News it's just too expensive to keep the ice refrigerated, so it's supposed to be covered in tarp until it can be transported.

"They need to have a way for these people to retrieve goods to help them and their families, those who are the survivors of this," the driver said.

After WSFA 12 News told state officials about the uncovered ice, they've promised to look into it   August said a truckload of ice is headed to Choctaw County, so the ice is still being used for critical needs.

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