Neighbors Turn on Burglars; Caught in Midday

It seems when the weather gets cool, the climate gets hot for thieves.  Monday, a homeowner and his neighbors worked togther to catch band of thieves.

Montgomery police warned us just last week that the number of burglaries doubled in the last couple of months and we told you about one heist that netted the thieves more than $30,000 in about two hours.

Today, the luck ran out for some bad guys.

There's a new back door going on Greg Brown's house tonight. It wasn't a planned home improvement.

"I was having a pretty good day until that happened, I tell ya," Brown said.

'That' was a run in with a gun, just before 11 this morning.

"I was only gone 35-40 minutes," Brown said.

Just long enough for Greg to finish some errands - just long enough for someone to break in the back door. Lucky for him, somebody noticed.

"My neighbor, Sadie, who lives across the street," Brown explained, " She came down the street and she hollered out of her car and said there was three kids on the side of the house."

When Greg came inside, the theives had bagged up some electronics, some games, and some pricey jewelry from the bedrooms. And that's when he stepped up to them.

"One drew a gun, so you know," he said, "I just retreated from that."

So the thieves jumped in their truck, and tried to drive off. But they probably didn't know Greg followed them, cellphone in hand, and they probably didn't know Greg's neighbor had written down their tag number.

Because of that, there's a happy ending, except for the crooks. About a half-hour later, sheriff's deputies stopped their truck near I-85, found the loot they'd taken from the Brown family, and they're in jail now.

Police officers say this is exactly how it's supposed to happen. If you see a burglary or anything suspicious, write down those numbers and call officers. They say that's the best way to combat burglaries, because the same suspects will usually do several crimes before they're caught.

If anybody got in trouble here besides the theives, it's Greg Brown. His wife didn't like him confronting the burglars. But she's glad they got all their stuff back.

The sheriff's office says two of the burglars were juveniles, the other an adult.

Reporter: Chris Holmes