Growing need for new Millbrook Police Department

MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - It's been a year since the decision to build a new Millbrook Police Department, but construction has still not begun.

Mayor Al Kelley says they've narrowed down the possible locations for the new facility to the football practice field right across the street from the current police department; but first, they'll relocate that field.

Mayor Kelley says, with one look inside the city's existing police department, you can see why a new one is needed.

"We've patched and repaired about all we can patch and repair, " he said.

Police Chief P. K. Johnson said, "Everything we have to do when we process a prisoner, we have to do in one small room.  It's definitely cramped in there."

The current facility also houses the court department and court room that doubles as the city council chambers.  Since police moved there, the city's population has more than doubled, and so has the number of support staff and officers.

Kelley said, "We just think it would be a lot better job for everybody to modernize it and make it into a good facility that people would be proud of."

The city has already passed the bond issue to pay for it, and architects have drawn the renderings.

"We don't want any marble floors or crystal chandeliers. We just want a functional building that is affordable and easy to maintain that we can keep for many years to come,"  added Kelley.

It's a growing city with a growing police force-- ready for the new space.

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