Easy on the ice...

Wednesday - May 11, 2011

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Remember our story last night at 10...about thousands of bags of ice destined for storm victims melting into puddles?  Tonight the state reacts to our story telling us why it happened.

The "old" Montgomery Mall property has another "new" owner.  We'll tell you when you'll hear about the latest incarnation for the once-thriving retail center.

Ever just have enough? To the point where you just 'have' to do something!  Tonight you'll meet a Neighborhood Watch president who took her concerns straight to the city council.  But will that help?

And, you'll find out that it is possible to design a remodeling of your home in Montgomery - while serving in the military in Afghanistan!  Seeing is believing.

Can you believe how hot it's been this week?  Soon, the heat gives way to cooling showers...which may, or may not, impact your outdoor plans this weekend.  Rich updates the forecast...not once, not twice, but three times during the news at 10.

See you on the set.

Bob H.