State EMA answers questions about melting ice

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The state EMA answered questions about ice left melting near a state storage facility.  That ice is intended to help storm victims.

WSFA 12 News first reported Tuesday night that bags of ice were unwrapped and the ice inside melted at a state facility on Mobile Highway.  That ice has since been wrapped in blue tarp to help protect it from the heart.

Alabama EMA director Art Faulkner said the ice was ordered after the tornadoes - in anticipation of storm victims' needs.

"When those types of situations happen, we need that ice not only for people to be able to use to sustain them, but also to keep some of those foods and other items that they have that do not have power, being able to refrigerate them," Faulkner said.

Faulkner said the state had anticipated high temperatures in the days after the storms.  The temperatures actually dropped to unseasonably low levels last week, and it was determined that it would be too expensive to keep the ice in trucks.

"It just became a situation where it was not cost-effective for us to continue to house the ice in the trailers that were sitting there at the staging area," Faulkner said.  "We tried everything we can do to find other states that facing disasters to take the ice and we could deliver it to them."

The state has contracts in place to order supplies in the event of a natural disaster. But Faulkner could not give an exact figure on how much this contract was worth.  He did say that counties across the state are continuing to request ice to address the needs of victims.

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