Editorial: School Days

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Those school districts dealing with recent tornado damage will have one less thing to worry about-making up missed school days.  A bill was signed into law last week by Governor Bentley that allows local school systems to make up missed days by either adjusting the number of instructional hours in future school days or excusing the missed day's altogether.

The State Superintendent of Education is now authorized to grant a waiver to excuse days due to extraordinary circumstances.

We acknowledge and commend the Alabama Legislators for their quick passage of this bill and Governor Bentley for signing into law.

This law makes sense because it protects a school employees pay if days are missed due to a disaster declaration. It also makes sense because students and their families will have one less burden as they recover from a disaster.

To be clear – this law is not about the forgiveness of days so students and teachers summers are not impacted and shortened due to make up days.  This law is about supporting the outstanding educators of Alabama and the students they teach.  This law is an injection of common sense in times when families are in need of relief.

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